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The Salumificio Da Pian produces premium cured meats typical of its territory, such as the traditional Treviso-style porchetta. The products of yesteryear are now made with the most modern transformation techniques to restore the original flavours, while maintaining the high level of quality, to offer all consumers the taste of genuineness.

The entire production is carried out in the modern functional and technologically advanced factory, which undergoes continuous and strict hygienic and quality controls throughout all the stages.

The Da Pian chain

The quality of the Salumificio Da Pian products comes from the raw ingredients, meat coming from select breeding farms in the territory and among the best in Europe, where the animals are bred in the best conditions and are fed with products that do not contain genetically modified substances.

They are slaughtered in compliance with the current standards and processed according to typical recipes of Treviso and Veneto. The entire production is carried out inside the company: from the initial cutting of the high-quality meats, through to the preparation of the specialities where only salt, spices and aromatic herbs are added to create premium cured meats for the most discerning palates.

The Da Pian quality can be traced in all its production stages, from the raw materials up to the consumer’s table, because it is subjected to strict procedures and controls that represent the guarantee of enjoying real Italian specialities.



No Allergeni

No Allergens

No Glutine

No Gluten

ITALIAN CURED MEATS - Accessible luxury

Today’s market increasingly demands typical Italian products of the highest quality, for this reason, Da Pian’s mission is to offer premium cured meats and to make them readily available to everyone.

Today, everyone can enjoy the true flavours of the finest Veneto cured meats, all you have to do is choose Da Pian.


TAILOR-MADE - The flavours of yesterday for the tastes of today

Following the techniques handed down by ancient Venetian masters, Da Pian has been able to combine tradition with the tastes and nutritional needs of today.

Meat specialities and cured meats are made from a perfect balance between modernity and craftsmanship, which adequately meet the needs of consumers and the market that turn to Salumificio Da Pian: from large organised distributions to small specialty food retailers.