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Salumificio Da Pian specialises in the production of traditional Treviso-style porchetta (roast suckling pig) and Italian cured meat products: cooked prosciutto ham, pancetta, Veneto sopressa (aged pork salami) and high-quality roasts.

Treviso-style porchetta

The extraordinary, every day

Italian cured meats

Accessible luxury

Today’s market demands more and more typical Italian products of the highest quality, for this reason, Da Pian’s mission is to offer premium Italian cured meats…


The flavours of yesterday for the tastes of today

Following the techniques handed down by ancient Venetian masters, Da Pian has successfully combined tradition with the tastes and nutritional needs of today…

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Cured meats with gift box - Salumificio Da Pian



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Territory and Tradition

The province of Treviso is rooted in a rich tradition of gastronomic and wine specialities. Flavours handed down over the centuries that today represent the excellence of local products, and recipes that the Da Pian family have made their own for generations bringing the flavours of the “Treviso” cured meat specialties to tables all over the world.

Tradition is just the starting point.